What’s the best way to clean hardwood floors? – Fort Worth, TX

Hardwood flooring is a popular residential and commercial flooring option that, if properly maintained, can offer many years of service.  Unfortunately, there’s not much good information on how to properly maintain your floors.  Many flooring manufacturers have paid relationships endorsing different product lines leading consumers to believe a particular brand is the only product that […] Read more »

Pet Odor Removal Fort Worth – Keys to success

Since we are one of the few true GREEN cleaners in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, we see more than our fair share of pet issues.  Most pet owners aren’t even fully aware of the extent of the problem or if one exists at all.  It’s extremely important to do a thorough inspection of any […] Read more »

Furniture Moving and Carpet Cleaning

It is a common misconception to think that every piece of furniture needs to be removed from a room prior to a professional carpet cleaning.  Since we rarely have storage space, time or energy to empty our homes of all belongings, the end result is often not scheduling a clean that you really need.  First, […] Read more »

Dryer Vent Cleaning Keller

  SYMPTOMS OF A DIRTY DRYER VENT Extended dry times (running your dryer for longer cycles to get the same results) Recent thermostat replacement (always clean as a precaution after dryer repair) New dryer that STILL doesn’t seem to dry right Excessive dust or lint around the dryer Lint piles noticed where the dryer vent […] Read more »