Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth TX



To keep your carpets pristine, you need to vacuum at least once a day. Otherwise, they collect dust, debris and other unwanted elements with a rapidity even the most studious person couldn’t manage. But if you want your carpets to stay beautiful and long lasting, you need to get them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Ripley Services in Fort Worth TX has been in the business of professional carpet cleaning for over ten years. We’re the best at coming in and giving you a personalized cleaning that rids your carpets of everything from nasty stains to odors that won’t go away.
First, we send in one of our techs to assess your situation. We’ll examine the carpet and look for areas that might need special attention, such as pet stains, wear and tear, spots, etc. We’ll specifically go over what you need. You see, one company screams steam cleaning while another boasts their dry cleaning skill. Ripley Services in Fort Worth TX knows that each has its unique properties and will use the one that best suits your carpet cleaning needs.

For instance, ground-in stains might need a stronger application. That’s definitely a steam cleaning. These cleaners spray detergent directly into the fibers and hot water activates the detergent. For the best results, we use an acidic cleaner for natural or wool carpets and an alkaline solution for synthetic materials. When the cleanser has done its work, we take a wet-vac and sop up any water sitting in the carpet in Fort Worth TX.

Dry cleaning professionally entails chemical compounds that minimizes how long you’ll have to wait to use the room. (Steam cleaning requires waiting until the carpet has dried.) Dry cleaning uses just enough liquid to get the dry compounds working, but the floor will be usable a lot sooner than steam cleaning.Slide2-1

While Ripley Services will always operate under the assumption you want to use your rooms as soon as possible, we also have to take responsibility for our work. We will always advise the best methods needed to get a good clean with a goal to get the job done and out of your way, while offering the best prices and service in professional carpet cleaning that you can get.

If you’re in need of carpet cleaning, give us a call and get a free estimate. We’re certified, licensed and can boast a team of professionals that know so much about carpet cleaning it can frighten small pets.