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Ripley Services

Forever Clean Maintenance Plan

Ripley Services offers a simple cleaning maintenance plan called the FOREVER CLEAN plan.  You can always call us out whenever you need us, but many people prefer an easy to budget monthly payment and a routine cleaning schedule at a significant discount*.  This is where the Forever Clean plan comes in.  The plan comes in 3 versions to match your Initial Clean – Silver, Gold and Platinum.  No matter which version you choose, you can rest assured that your carpets are in good hands.

*A typical four bedroom home with carpeted bedrooms, family room and dining room would save $307.06 on the Silver Plan, $435.51 on the Gold Plan and $563.95 on the Platinum Plan EVERY YEAR!

Forever Clean

Maintenance Plan

No Soap!  No Sticky Residue!  No Mysterious Returning Stains!…NO PROBLEM!

Green Seal Certified

Our cleaning products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Pay for your Initial Clean, then one easy monthly payment is charged to your credit card and in return you get:

●   An “Open Area” Clean in 6 months of all areas not covered by furniture.
●   A Complete Clean in 12 months (includes light furniture moving Gold and Platinum).
●   10% Discount on any other services during scheduled cleanings with NO minimum service charge to worry about.
●   5% Discount on any services requested between scheduled cleanings (subject to minimum service charge).
●   FREE 32oz bottle of spotter + a refill at each scheduled clean ($15 value each)


●  Get 2 Green Seal Certified, Soap Free cleans for about the price of ONE.
●  Spread cleaning expenses evenly throughout the year making budgeting easier.
●  Extend the life of your carpet; reduce permanent staining, allergens, dust mites and fleas with regular Professional maintenance.
●  Provide a consistently clean environment for your family.
●  No worries.  WE call YOU to schedule your cleans.

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