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Questions to ask a prospective Carpet Cleaner


  • What is your process for cleaning carpets & what type of chemicals are used?
    Hot Water Extraction, also called Steam Cleaning, is the ONLY method recommended by ALL carpet manufacturers.  No residue DOES NOT necessarily mean Soap Free. Let Ripley Services explain the difference.  Some other methods and buzz words to watch out for are “low moisture” cleaning (which is often bonnet cleaning and NEVER appropriate for residential carpet), dry shampoo (relatively outdated method for carpet) or hype about some super powered water (more hype than results).  Truckmounted steam cleaning is the minimum you want for your home.
  • What dry times can I expect after a clean?
    Our typical dry times are around 4 hours for a normal clean.  Beware of extended or extremely short dry times.
  • Will the technician handling my clean be Certified by the IICRC?
    Ripley Services requires all technicians to pursue IICRC certification.  Even our administrative staff is involved in hands on training in cleaning, repairs and more in order to more fully assist customers with more technical questions.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard.
  • What type of equipment do you use (Truckmount, Portable or Bonnet Cleaning)?
    No matter what they say, a portable CANNOT produce the same results as a truckmount. Typical portables start around $1,000 to purchase, while a truckmounts start at $15,000+++ not including the van. If a portable could produce the same results as a truckmount, we would all use portables exclusively. Portables are a necessity for inaccessible areas where a truckmount can’t reach, like high rises. Bonnet cleaning is often used with commercial glue down carpet due to the speed and minimal costs associated with this method. It is NOT the preferred method for residential carpets. Hot Water Extraction is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers. Give us a call and we’ll explain how different equipment affects your results.
  • What is the horsepower of the Truckmount unit?
    There are DEFINITELY different classes of truckmount. More power = more heat & more vacuum pressure which translates to cleaner/dryer carpets. Our equipment is the most powerful in the industry.
  • What is your pricing? What specifically is included? What costs extra?
    Don’t be fooled by low “teaser” rates. There is usually a reason the advertised price is so low. It may be the equipment, the chemicals utilized, the cleaning process or, as is often the case, the teaser rate doesn’t include many of the elements necessary to actually clean your carpet, tile or upholstery.  Our pricing philosophy is the opposite of the “low ball” strategy.  We try to overestimate on the phone or email and hope to give you good news when we are in your home.
  • Why is your service better than the competition?

> Soap Free steam cleaning doesn’t leave a sticky residue

>Green Seal Certified cleaning is safe for your entire family AND the environment

> The world’s most powerful truck mounted equipment means cleaner, dryer carpet

> Multi-year BEST OF HomeAdvisor Winners, 100’s of Independent 5 star reviews

> Family owned and operated since 2001

> Our friendly, knowledgeable staff works hard to EXCEED your expectations, not just meet them

  • Who will you work with?
    Will it be a subcontractor, a franchisee or as in our case THE OWNERS AND TRAINED EMPLOYEES.

Allow the service provider to elaborate as much as possible on each question. Probe for details and write down as much information as possible. Evaluate their communication skills, professionalism & industry knowledge. Ask if they have a website and independent reviews. There are A LOT of carpet cleaners out there. It’s up to you to choose the best service provider for your home. Ask any other questions that are important for your situation, then give Ripley Services a call & we’ll discuss the information. Even if you are feeling pretty good about the provider, give us a call. You won’t regret it. You will walk away with a wealth of valuable information and hopefully an appointment with Ripley Services.

No Soap + No Sticky Residue = NO RETURNING STAINS!

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