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Tile and grout cleaning is a task often attempted by homeowners only to discover how back-breaking, tedious and time consuming a task it can be.  If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably been there with the latest and greatest “miracle cleaner” and a toothbrush on your hands and knees.  You clean a filthy spot in front of the refrigerator, mortified to see the difference you’ve made in just a few minutes of scrubbing and decide to tackle the job yourself.  A few hours into the project, you realize that you are only able to achieve acceptable results if you clean a few square feet an hour!  Unfortunately, your average kitchen and breakfast area is 200 sq. ft alone!  Tile and grout cleaning is a task best left to the professionals with proper equipment.  It’s one of those tasks that if you’ve ever tried it yourself, you quickly realize it’s worth every penny you pay to have it done professionally.  So what’s different about the way you may have tried to clean and the way Ripley Services cleans tile and grout?  Almost EVERYTHING.  While we do use a cleaning solution and a stand-up grout brush to scrub your grout lines and tile, this is only the beginning of the process.  Our stiff bristled grout brushes are designed to take the full weight of our body when scrubbing your grout lines, which a tooth brush or handheld grout brush CANNOT handle.  We are using professionally formulated cleaners tailored to your type of tile and grout…not bleach, not vinegar, and not baking soda.  AND AGAIN, this is only the first part of the clean.  What follows next is the key.  We use the world’s most powerful truckmount to drive a device called a “spinner”  to essentially perform a hot-water, power wash of your tile and grout.  With temperatures exceeding 230 degrees and water pressure in the 800-1000 psi range, your tile and grout are safely cleaned under the protective dome of the spinner (see pic 2).  The dirt and oils that have been loosened and emulsified by the grout brushes and cleaning solution are blasted and sucked out to the truck.  As the spinner passes over your tile, it’s true colors are revealed.  The pictures above show actual customer homes during and after cleans.  The high heat and high pressure cleans and sanitizes in a way that a toothbrush and some “miracle solution” simply cannot do AT ANY SPEED.  The tile and grout are almost completely dry after the spinner makes a cleaning pass.  The next step is to seal the grout.  Again, this is a task many homeowners have tried themselves.  While it’s not particularly technical, the products available at your local hardware store are typically water-based and EXPENSIVE.  Since proper tools aren’t available to the average homeowner, product waste is a major factor. But you can find great tools on the Oscillating Guide. Since a quality water-based grout sealer typically runs $100-150 per gallon at hardware store, this can be an expensive mistake.  Most water-based sealers are not particularly long lasting either.  Ripley Services uses a solvent based sealer applied directly to the grout line with very little waste.   While you can opt for a straight clean with no sealer, you virtually guarantee permanent staining and wear if left unprotected.

If you are in the Fort Worth area and frustrated with the condition of your tile and grout.  There’s no need to suffer through manually cleaning your floors on your hands and knees, only to find out you have inconsistent results AT BEST.  Give us a call or fill out the Free Online Estimate form to the right today!   817-56CLEAN OR CLICK HERE  to read more.

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