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Ripley Services

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Keller, TX

Finding the right way to clean your tile and grout

You’ve done the scrubbing. You’ve done the polishing. You’re tired of the grit and grime and are ready to get even tougher.

That’s where Ripley’s professional tile and grout cleaning comes in. With the proper equipment, training and cleaning solutions combined with state-of-the-art truckmounts, we can produce results that you simply cannot do by hand with ANY amount of elbow grease.  Dirty and discolored tiles and grout can spoil the look and feel of your home. Our technicians will address the deep-down dirt in the pores of your grout, as well as remove the residue that builds up on tiles over time.  We will also advise you on how to maintain the floors for a longer lasting clean.

And as you may have found through lots of sweat and elbow grease, that is no easy task. Our tile and grout cleaning services can help restore your tile to its original luster and your grout to its original color. Once we’re done, we’ll seal your grout to ensure it stays that way years to come.

Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and nontoxic to children and pets.

We use the most powerful and efficient cleaning equipment in the industry. With prices 25 to 50% LESS than leading competitors, we don’t need gimmicks or coupons.

So throw away that mop. Toss that old toothbrush you’ve been using to clean between the cracks. And get up off your knees and take a seat. We’ll do the hard work while you relax and enjoy the results, virtually restored tiles that can stand up to the wear, tear and spills of everyday use.

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