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Dealing with WET SPILLS (including URINE).

A common mistake when dealing with wet spills is to simply throw a towel on the spill and step on it to absorb.  We’ve all done it and it is better than doing nothing, but there is a better way.


  • Wet Dry Vac or Shop Vac (available for as little as $30)
  • White Spotting Towel
  • Warm Water
  • Ripley’s Best Soap Free Spotter and/or Ripley’s Best Odor Killer

WHAT TO DO:  Start by extracting as much of the liquid as possible with a shop vac as soon as the spill is noticed.  Simply stepping on a towel pushes the liquid deeper into the pad and creates a larger area of contamination.  Continue extracting while drizzling (not pouring) warm water over the affected area to rinse the carpet fibers.  After thoroughly rinsed, continue extracting to remove as much liquid as possible.  If staining is present, follow with Ripley’s Best Soap Free Spotter and a spotting towel according to the label directions.  If the liquid was urine, vomit or feces inject the pad with Ripley’s Best Odor Killer by adjusting the spray nozzle to stream and pressing to carpet face and squeezing the trigger every few inches of the affected area.  Place a clean white (bleach free) towel or stack of plain white paper towels with a weight on the area cleaned. Any “wicking” as the area dries should wick into the towels.

Testing products for Wood and Tile Floors

cleaning products

We get questions every day about recommendations for wood and tile floors.  A good test of any product you are considering using on your hard surfaces is to try it first on a mirror.  If it leaves and oily or streaky mess, it will do the same to your floors.  This DOES NOT mean it is safe.  This just means it doesn’t leave a residue that will need to be stripped off later.  The next issue is pH and potential impact on wood floor finishes, grout, tile or stone.  A good rule of thumb is to steer towards cleaners with a neutral pH or slightly alkaline.  Acidic products INCLUDING vinegar can etch stone and grout and may have an adverse affect on wood floor coatings.  The Squeaky Floor Care System is great for both wood and tile.  It doesn’t leave any buildup behind.  

 Should I go BAREFOOT or wear SHOES on my carpet?

This is a common question we get from customers and the answer may not be what you think.  While many cultures advocate removing shoes prior to entering a home, I am approaching this solely from the perspective of protecting your carpet investment.  There’s no question that removing the shoes you’ve been wearing outside prior to walking on your carpet is a good practice, BUT what do you do from there?  Should you wear socks?  Should you go barefoot?

Our recommendation is to either wear socks or dedicate a pair of shoes or flip flops for indoor use only.  We DO NOT recommend bare feet.  Lotions, medications, moisturizers and natural skin oils are a problem for carpet.  Their build up in traffic lanes attracts dirt.  Dirt acts like sandpaper, wearing away at your carpet fibers.  Many people mistake fiber damage for dirt in traffic lanes.  Have you ever had your carpets cleaned, but the traffic lanes still look darker (particularly on light carpet)?  This may not be soiling.  Fiber damage “de-glosses” carpet and changes the way it reflects light.  Viewing a traffic lane under magnification would reveal dull, non-reflective fibers in the high wear areas and glossy, reflective fibers in unworn areas.  Both shoes and bare feet contribute to this traffic lane deterioration.  More frequent vacuuming of high traffic areas and professional cleaning will greatly extend the life of your carpet.

New products, like our Green Guard Carpet Protector, help to “encapsulate” soil and make vacuuming more productive.  According to leading carpet manufacturers, ALL carpet should be cleaned at least once a year, even if it’s a single person home.  To minimize traffic lane wear and extend the life of your carpet investment, areas subjected to foot traffic should be cleaned twice a year.  If it looks dirty, you are waiting too long.  These recommendations DO NOT CHANGE based on the quality of carpet.  There’s a reason our Forever Clean Plan is set up for cleans every 6 months.

So kick off your shoes, but not your socks and give us a call to take care of that overdue residential cleaning!

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