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Furniture Moving and Carpet Cleaning

It is a common misconception to think that every piece of furniture needs to be removed from a room prior to hiring professional bond cleaners. This might hold true if you’re carrying out huge cosmetic shop fixtures and would need all the furniture and tools to be cleaned before you hire professional cleaners. But in a normal setting, like in a domestic household, this is a complete misconception. Since we rarely have storage space, time or energy to empty our homes of all belongings, the end result is often not scheduling a clean that you really need.  First, understand that it is a completely normal to clean AROUND larger furniture items.  Areas under beds, dressers, couches and recliners do not need to be cleaned as frequently as your traffic lanes and exposed areas of carpet.  Think about it.  You have zero foot traffic under your dresser or couch, so why not wait until you rearrange furniture to address the areas that were previously inaccessible.  Don’t over-think the preparation for a clean.  It is much more important to clean the exposed areas twice a year, than it is to stress over the lower traffic areas under beds, entertainment centers etc. But that’s not to mean that you shouldn’t let a Carpet cleaning NYC service to look for the dirt under the carpets. Second, modern low-profile carpet wands can reach under many furniture items.  We can typically access areas under beds, coffee tables etc with at least 3 inches of clearance.  If you have a nearby tiled area and you frequently rearrange your living room, of course you can slide some furniture out of the way for cleaning.  Ripley Services will move items like couches, love seats and chairs (upon request) for you with our Gold Package and above.

With a carpet cleaners company you can  start eliminating dust mites and odors, reducing allergens, improving air quality and making sure you feel comfortable at home.

Another common mistake is moving furniture out of it’s normal position prior to a clean.  All too often we clean a home where the nightstands are pulled out, couches pushed forward etc. We not only tend to move the dining table when cleaning, but also move the best outdoor teak dining products that come with the furniture. I presume this is a diligent homeowner wanting the areas behind and under furniture cleaned.  Unfortunately, what you have really done is COVER your worst traffic areas.  If you are working with a company that doesn’t move any furniture, then you get the area behind a nightstand cleaned, but the dirty area that is right in front of it that you covered, stays dirty.  In order to perform a proper preclean inspection, we need to see your normal traffic patterns and we need longer dwell time for our cleaning solution to emulsify the heavily soiled traffic lanes.  If you are concerned about an area behind or under furniture, don’t move it in advance, simply ask your technician to clean the areas of concern.  If they don’t move furniture, you will be informed and can move it yourself if desired, but you won’t undermine the rest of the clean.  Ripley Services is happy to move items like nightstands, recliners etc upon request.

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