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Southlake green carpet cleaners

What is GREEN carpet cleaning?  Unfortunately, the term isn’t regulated in any way, so what some companies call green may surprise you.  Organic cleaning is another unregulated and improperly used term in the cleaning industry.  Organic DOES NOT MEAN SAFE when it comes to cleaning chemicals!  Arsenic can be organic, but I sure wouldn’t want it used to clean my home!

What Ripley Services means by GREEN cleaning is that our pre treatment chemical is Green Seal Certified.  The Green Seal organization is an independent third party that tests products for environmental impact and toxicity.  It is a difficult badge to earn and an important part of our process.  Interestingly, we didn’t choose the pre conditioner (years ago) because of it’s green properties.  We chose is solely on it’s cleaning ability when tested in real world situations.  It flat out, outperformed everything else we tried.  With the green movement, it’s been a huge plus that it is not only Green Seal Certifies, but also soap free.  The soap free nature of the product means your carpets stay cleaner, longer because there is no sticky soap residue left behind to attract dirt.

It’s a very good idea to ask some specific questions about the cleaning process of any cleaner.  We have prepared an easy to follow list you can print and have on hand prior to calling any cleaner.  Click here for the question list.  Don’t rely on unsupported claims or unregulated terms over used by too many cleaners in the industry.  Educate yourself before letting anyone in your home.

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