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Pet Odor Removal Fort Worth – Keys to success

Since we are one of the few true GREEN cleaners in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, we see more than our fair share of pet issues.  Most pet owners aren’t even fully aware of the extent of the problem or if one exists at all.  It’s extremely important to do a thorough inspection of any home with pets (or a history of pets) prior to any clean.  Then we can devise a plan for dealing with any odors or stains.

Cat Urine Removal

UV URINE DETECTION (Invisible to the naked eye)

UV Black lights can be a valuable tool in identifying urine contamination, but may not work in all circumstances.  Brightly lit rooms, certain color carpets and diligent homeowners that have tried to clean up accidents may make urine contamination difficult to identify.  This is why it’s important to confirm contamination with a moisture meter.   Urine can continue to be visible under a blacklight even after treatment even years and multiple cleanings later. It only takes a microscopic amount of urine proteins to continue to be visible under UV light even though there is no odor, bacteria or visible evidence with the naked eye.  Urine is usually a SUBSURFACE problem, not limited to just the carpet fibers.  This is why a typical surface steam clean isn’t enough to remove odor.  While the surface may have been sanitized, the pad, backing and sub-floor are the source of continued odor.  A proper steam clean should never wet the pad or backing, so subsurface urine goes untreated.  Additionally, urine in the pad and backing typically dries to a “salt”.  If you pulled the carpet back you often reveal areas that look similar to a sweaty ball cap.  This salt acts as a desiccant, pulling moisture from the surrounding air.  It’s not enough moisture to “feel,” but it will often trigger the meter indicating it is enough to support mold growth.  This is why a surface treatment for urine is usually not enough.  The urine salts attack carpet glues and backing and can support mold growth.  They need to be neutralized and/or flushed out whenever possible.

Oxidizers, Enzymes, Pairing Agents, Disinfectants and Encapsulates can all be effective methods to attack urine contamination when performed properly.  Treatments MUST be tailored to the severity, location, fiber type, age and quantity of contamination.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” spray and leave treatment for most urine issues.  As a homeowner, the best you can do is use a wet dry vac and follow the “wet spill” info on our Tips Page until you can get a professional out to properly deal with the problem.  Notice that nowhere have I mentioned “deodorizers or perfumes” as an option.  Why?  The answer is simple….THEY DON’T WORK.  Many of you have payed big bucks for a “pet treatment’ that was simply a heavy perfume that masked the problem for a few days.  Odor has to be attacked at it’s source and either killed, modified at a molecular level or neutralized and removed.  Masking urine odors with cherry or lemon scent is a short term solution that ultimately leaves you with a lemony urine stench at best.

Odor Extraction

SUBSURFACE treatment and extraction in action

Our preferred method is to saturate the carpet, pad and sub-floor with a powerful oxidizer, let it do it’s work for 15-30 minutes and then use special flood extractors to flush and remove.  This attacks stain and odor in one shot, but is also the most expensive method.  If the problem is chronic and widespread, enzyme treatments may be a more cost effective option.  While they take longer to work and may not be quite as effective as the oxidizer they do offer some residual value.  Enzymes don’t die when they run out of food (urine) and moisture, they simply go dormant.  If the pet returns, they reactivate offering some residual impact.

Another often missed aspect of urine contamination is the effect on factory and aftermarket stain protectors.  Urine is a great stripper of stain guard.  It is therefore, very important to treat contaminated fibers with a stain guard immediately following treatment or future accidents may leave permanent stains.  While we may be able to address future odors, if you are left with yellow polka dotted carpet, what does it matter?  It’s a relatively inexpensive deterrent for permanent staining.  We utilize the world’s first EPA Certified Green carpet protector!

PAD CONTAMINATION is larger than surface damage

Remember, pet treatments are much more involved than a typical clean and will yield extended dry times.  Fortunately the products used to treat the urine also inhibit musty or mildew odors.  The longer the products have to work, the more effective they are.  Avoid foot traffic on treated areas because you can trigger wicking of any minor residual contaminant.  By compressing the pad, you essentially force anything left in the pad to the surface.  This happens naturally as the carpet dries, but is exacerbated by foot traffic.  Minor wicking is a common issue with pet treatments and may require a touchup clean when the carpet it dry.  If you solve the ongoing problem with potty training or removing the pet from the affected areas, it’s a good idea to have a thorough clean to remove any treatment residues and get the carpet back to it’s pre-contaminated state.  We are a soap and residue free cleaner and are very aware that ANY residue attracts soil.  It’s a necessary evil when dealing with pet issues, but if the problem has been solved, it’s a good idea to have a thorough residue free clean to remove any remaining treatment products.

Unfortunately there are no miracle cures for pet urine sold at your local pet or feed store.  And PLEASE don’t use vinegar on your carpets, no matter what the internet has told you.  Vinegar sets dyes.   If ANY color exists in the stain, you will likely set the stain permanently.  Simply spraying or pouring vinegar on urine, feces or vomit WILL NOT WORK!

Give us a call.  Advice and estimates are free, mistakes can be costly.

Furniture Moving and Carpet Cleaning

It is a common misconception to think that every piece of furniture needs to be removed from a room prior to hiring professional bond cleaners. This might hold true if you’re carrying out huge cosmetic shop fixtures and would need all the furniture and tools to be cleaned before you hire professional cleaners. But in a normal setting, like in a domestic household, this is a complete misconception. Since we rarely have storage space, time or energy to empty our homes of all belongings, the end result is often not scheduling a clean that you really need.  First, understand that it is a completely normal to clean AROUND larger furniture items.  Areas under beds, dressers, couches and recliners do not need to be cleaned as frequently as your traffic lanes and exposed areas of carpet.  Think about it.  You have zero foot traffic under your dresser or couch, so why not wait until you rearrange furniture to address the areas that were previously inaccessible.  Don’t over-think the preparation for a clean.  It is much more important to clean the exposed areas twice a year, than it is to stress over the lower traffic areas under beds, entertainment centers etc. But that’s not to mean that you shouldn’t let a Carpet cleaning NYC service to look for the dirt under the carpets. Second, modern low-profile carpet wands can reach under many furniture items.  We can typically access areas under beds, coffee tables etc with at least 3 inches of clearance.  If you have a nearby tiled area and you frequently rearrange your living room, of course you can slide some furniture out of the way for cleaning.  Ripley Services will move items like couches, love seats and chairs (upon request) for you with our Gold Package and above.

With a carpet cleaners company you can  start eliminating dust mites and odors, reducing allergens, improving air quality and making sure you feel comfortable at home.

Another common mistake is moving furniture out of it’s normal position prior to a clean.  All too often we clean a home where the nightstands are pulled out, couches pushed forward etc. We not only tend to move the dining table when cleaning, but also move the best outdoor teak dining products that come with the furniture. I presume this is a diligent homeowner wanting the areas behind and under furniture cleaned.  Unfortunately, what you have really done is COVER your worst traffic areas.  If you are working with a company that doesn’t move any furniture, then you get the area behind a nightstand cleaned, but the dirty area that is right in front of it that you covered, stays dirty.  In order to perform a proper preclean inspection, we need to see your normal traffic patterns and we need longer dwell time for our cleaning solution to emulsify the heavily soiled traffic lanes.  If you are concerned about an area behind or under furniture, don’t move it in advance, simply ask your technician to clean the areas of concern.  If they don’t move furniture, you will be informed and can move it yourself if desired, but you won’t undermine the rest of the clean.  Ripley Services is happy to move items like nightstands, recliners etc upon request.

Tile Cleaning Fort Worth

Tile and grout cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is a task often attempted by homeowners only to discover how back-breaking, tedious and time consuming a task it can be.  If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably been there with the latest and greatest “miracle cleaner” and a toothbrush on your hands and knees.  You clean a filthy spot in front of the refrigerator, mortified to see the difference you’ve made in just a few minutes of scrubbing and decide to tackle the job yourself.  A few hours into the project, you realize that you are only able to achieve acceptable results if you clean a few square feet an hour!  Unfortunately, your average kitchen and breakfast area is 200 sq. ft alone!  Tile and grout cleaning is a task best left to the professionals with proper equipment.  It’s one of those tasks that if you’ve ever tried it yourself, you quickly realize it’s worth every penny you pay to have it done professionally.  So what’s different about the way you may have tried to clean and the way Ripley Services cleans tile and grout?  Almost EVERYTHING.  While we do use a cleaning solution and a stand-up grout brush to scrub your grout lines and tile, this is only the beginning of the process.  Our stiff bristled grout brushes are designed to take the full weight of our body when scrubbing your grout lines, which a tooth brush or handheld grout brush CANNOT handle.  We are using professionally formulated cleaners tailored to your type of tile and grout…not bleach, not vinegar, and not baking soda.  AND AGAIN, this is only the first part of the clean.  What follows next is the key.  We use the world’s most powerful truckmount to drive a device called a “spinner”  to essentially perform a hot-water, power wash of your tile and grout.  With temperatures exceeding 230 degrees and water pressure in the 800-1000 psi range, your tile and grout are safely cleaned under the protective dome of the spinner (see pic 2).  The dirt and oils that have been loosened and emulsified by the grout brushes and cleaning solution are blasted and sucked out to the truck.  As the spinner passes over your tile, it’s true colors are revealed.  The pictures above show actual customer homes during and after cleans.  The high heat and high pressure cleans and sanitizes in a way that a toothbrush and some “miracle solution” simply cannot do AT ANY SPEED.  The tile and grout are almost completely dry after the spinner makes a cleaning pass.  The next step is to seal the grout.  Again, this is a task many homeowners have tried themselves.  While it’s not particularly technical, the products available at your local hardware store are typically water-based and EXPENSIVE.  Since proper tools aren’t available to the average homeowner, product waste is a major factor. But you can find great tools on the Oscillating Guide. Since a quality water-based grout sealer typically runs $100-150 per gallon at hardware store, this can be an expensive mistake.  Most water-based sealers are not particularly long lasting either.  Ripley Services uses a solvent based sealer applied directly to the grout line with very little waste.   While you can opt for a straight clean with no sealer, you virtually guarantee permanent staining and wear if left unprotected.

If you are in the Fort Worth area and frustrated with the condition of your tile and grout.  There’s no need to suffer through manually cleaning your floors on your hands and knees, only to find out you have inconsistent results AT BEST.  Give us a call or fill out the Free Online Estimate form to the right today!   817-56CLEAN OR CLICK HERE  to read more.

Serving Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, Fort Worth, Mid Cities and surrounding areas since 2001.

Low cost carpet cleaning Fort Worth

Can a cheap carpet cleaner do the same work as an expensive cleaner?  It’s certainly not necessary to choose the highest priced cleaner in the market to guarantee the cleanest carpets. BUT, choosing the lowest cost cleaner is a sure way to guarantee BAD results and carpets in worse condition than before cleaning! There is a certain price point that a Professional Carpet Cleaner WITH PROPER EQUIPMENT can do an effective job properly cleaning your carpets. That price is NOT $10 a room. Consider this.  It takes fuel to get to your home, fuel to run truck mounted equipment, chemical costs, equipment maintenance costs, drive time and cleaning labor. So how can a carpet cleaner afford to do business at the extremely low “TEASER RATES” or whole house specials they advertise. Easy…THEY CAN’T! They either rely on “up-selling” the customer with “extras” that should have been included in the first place and high pressure sales or they won’t be in business long term.

You may need to look for a janitorial staffing agency near me that can deliver solutions for cleaning, grounds, building maintenance, production and security to name few.

Ripley Services’ pricing structure is on the low end of the industry, BUT we guarantee to out clean anyone at any price!  You will get the most bang for your buck.  Complete the free online estimate form on the right or give us a call and we will quote you a quality carpet clean.

Pet Urine Removal Keller

A common issue for pet owners is dealing with occasional accidents on carpet.  We love our animals, but the messes they create can be a real challenge to properly handle.  With so much information and misinformation on the net, many are left doing nothing for fear of doing something wrong.  First let’s go over a few DON’TS!


Don’t use vinegar on pet accidents on carpet.  I suspect this recommendation comes from vinegar’s disinfecting properties.  The problem with vinegar is that it is also an acid.  We use vinegar to set Easter Egg dyes and tye dyes.  Acids set dyes.  Many pet accidents include food dyes.  Avoid vinegar to avoid creating a permanent stain.

Don’t rent a Rug Doctor.  With under powered vacuums and extremely soapy cleaning solutions you will create a bigger mess.

Don’t use enzymes for large urine stains.  Enzymes like Nature’s Miracle are “OK” for small urine spots, but they require large amounts of the enzyme, with proper temperatures and dwell time to have any real impact on the odor.  Keep in mind enzymes are NOT particularly effective on stains.  They are designed to combat odor.  Disinfectants are much more effective.

Don’t use household disinfectants on carpet.  While disinfectants are very effective in dealing with urine odors and are the preferred method in hospitals and veterinary clinics, most are NOT carpet friendly.  The pictures below are from a customer that returned from a short trip to discover their cat had separation anxiety and urinated heavily in the traffic lane behind the living room couch. Reduce stress and calm anxiety with dog weed treats made to lessen extreme anxiety symptoms, Learn more here In a panic, the customer poured Lysol disinfectant on the spots to knock down the odor.  She woke up the next day horrified to see the effects Lysol had on the carpet and called us.  The smell was almost gone, but the residue and oils in the Lysol that make it incompatible with carpet left a larger mess.  Fortunately, we got to it quick enough to restore the carpet to like new!

pet odor removal


So what CAN you do when faced with a pet “pee” spot.  The first thing to keep in mind is “the solution to pollution is dilution.”  What does this mean?  Grab a wet/dry vac and drizzle warm water on the spot WHILE VACUUMING.  Your goal is to flush out as much of the urine contamination as possible without over wetting.  Of course you won’t have the professional strength vacuum pressure or tools of our truck mount, but this is a good temporary fix until you can have the spot professionally cleaned.  If you have a disinfectant compatible with carpet like Ripley’s Odor Killer Extreme, then treating would be your next step.  Simply laying a towel on the spot and compressing is pushing the urine deeper into the pad and creating a problem that cannot be solved with household tools and equipment.  Of course you can always give us a call for advice.  Pet treatments don’t have to be expensive.  Waiting too long to deal with it will increase the risk of permanent damage that no one can repair.

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