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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Cleaning


Hardwood Floor CleaningWhen you need your hardwood floors cleaned, Ripley Services is ready to step up and provide you with excellent customer service. We understand the importance of maintaining your investment and are prepared to guide you through the details of proper maintenance.  Check out this article for some DO’s and DON’TS and some PRODUCTS TO AVOID! when maintaining your hardwood floors.

You made a significant investment in your floors, and the staff at Ripley Services can help you protect that investment. By reducing accidents and limiting time lost to fatigue, anti fatigue mats are certainly a worthwhile investment.  We have developed an innovative “Clean and Coat” process for hardwood designed to help your floors look their best and remain in top condition for years to come.

You will notice the difference in our services from your initial call to the day our trained and experienced technicians arrive. At Ripley Services, we take the time to ensure each member of our staff understands the steps necessary to produce industry leading results for every flooring surface.

Our process rejuvenates tired floors and extends the time between refinishes.  Many modern engineered hardwoods are actually a hardwood veneer that may not even be possible to refinish.  Proper maintenance with our “Clean and Coat” process replenishes the urethane layer you are wearing off with each passing day, effectively turning a 7 year floor into a 10-12 year floor with none of the dust and delays of a full “refinish.”

Hardwood CleaningIn your home, your children and pets spend a lot of time on your hardwood floors. It is essential to Ripley Services that we use superior equipment and safe cleaning products in your home. We only use products that are safe for your family.

Are you ready for view the services of provide you with amazing hardwood floor cleaning and customer service that you can count on. When you call Ripley Services, you will be greeted by a friendly voice that can answer all of your questions ahead of your cleaning. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 817-562-5326


Hardwood Cleaning


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